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3 Tips for Choosing a Memorial Stone Inscription

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Some people think that the most challenging part of a funeral arrangement is choosing a memorial stone. However, finding the right headstone is just half of the work because you still have to choose an inscription technique. While the name and date of birth/death might seem enough for some people, it is always a good idea to go further than that. Remember that your goal is to memorialize the loved one, and thinking through the inscription is one of the best ways of honouring them. This article highlights tips for choosing a memorial stone inscription option.

Let the Deceased Inspire the Inscription 

Finding the right words to inscribe on a loved one's memorial stone is not easy. Some people suggest scouring the internet for inspiration because there are thousands of memorial inscriptions available. However, the captions are generic rather than unique. For instance, 'In Loving Memory of' is arguably the most common beginning of a headstone inscription, and while it works, you can do better. Everyone is unique in their way, including the deceased, and this is where you should draw inspiration. Did they have a Bible verse or inspirational quote that they loved and lived by? If yes, then you should inscribe the quote on their memorial stone. The good news is that you can find one or two family members who know precisely what quotes the deceased loved the most, especially if you are not sure.

Avoid Cluttering the Memorial Stone 

Since the primary function is to memorialize a loved one, an inscription should be memorable. However, inscriptions that are wordy or several sentences long are anything but memorable. Even if the deceased's favourite quote was long, you can easily reduce it to a few words and still not lose the meaning. Ask your family and friends to help you rewrite the quote in the fewest words possible. A few hours of brainstorming are enough to settle on a shorter version of a long and inspirational quote.


When choosing a memorial stone, remember that it will still be around long after those who put it are gone. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a timeless inscription rather than one that will not make sense to future generations. For instance, instead of inscribing a memorial stone with messages such as 'Loving father, son, brother, uncle', choose something that will stand the test of time, such as 'Great love lives on.' Timeless inscriptions leave an impact on anyone who read them, whether they are family, friends or strangers.