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Ways Immediate Funerals Can Be a Green Choice

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The option of having a green funeral is becoming increasingly popular. However, you may find that this option tends to deal with cremation. If you do not want cremation as part of your funeral planning, but you still want a green funeral, an immediate burial may be an option. Here are a few reasons immediate funerals and burials can be a green choice. 


The process of embalming uses chemicals to preserve the body after death. These chemicals can seep into the soil and into groundwater areas. For this reason, many cemeteries require vaults that are around the casket. You can opt for an immediate burial, which does not use embalming. This means the body will naturally decompose and will not have chemicals that can get into the groundwater or into the surrounding soil. If you choose this option, you will need to keep in mind that you must find a burial site that allows for immediate burials. This may mean your burial site is located outside of your city limits or in a rural area. 

Promoting Natural Vegetation

There is an increasing number of organizations that are starting natural burial sites. These natural burial sites promote immediate burial with the idea in mind that fewer chemicals and fewer barriers are used between the natural decomposition of a body and the Earth. As the body naturally decomposes, it enriches the soil and can promote natural vegetative growth. This is an ideal solution for environmentalists who are wanting to bring back education in certain areas and for people who want a green burial.

Green and Natural Caskets

When you choose a  natural burial or green funeral, your casket is usually eco-friendly. Green and natural caskets are a natural part of immediate burial. Keep in mind, mini immediate burials are actually chosen due to someone's faith, such as Judaism which promotes a natural burial and natural decomposition. Natural caskets can be made of bamboo, pine, or other natural wood. Composite caskets, metal caskets, and caskets made of plastic or fibreglass are not generally part of an immediate burial and therefore not part of a green funeral.

If you are ready to plan your green funeral, consider discussing options such as immediate burial with your funeral director. They can guide you to the proper ways to plan for this type of burial, burial locations, and other key information you need for your location and your plans. They can also discuss special fees or other alternatives that may work for your planned burial site and arrangements.