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Upright Granite Monuments: What Sets Them Apart from the Rest?

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Losing a loved one takes a toll on you. It's a painful process that requires lots of emotional support while doing everything you can to cherish the deceased's memory. When thinking of ways to commemorate the person you lost, consider going for artistic grave monuments. They are excellent landmarks that act as constant reminders of your loved one's final resting place. Additionally, you can use them to relay a heartfelt message for the deceased. You can praise them for their acts of valour or appreciate them for the moments you shared together.  

Choosing the right monument for your loved one's grave calls for careful consideration. Here is a detailed discussion about upright granite monuments to help you understand why they are an excellent option: 

Configuration and Suitability of the Material

You need a material built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions without losing its aesthetic appeal. Granite does well here. The material combines some of the toughest minerals such as mica, feldspar and quartz. When polished to a high-level shine, granite stands up well to weathering by resisting the effects of fluctuating temperatures, moisture and dust. 

Easy Visibility

A grave monument can help you locate your loved one's resting place easily anytime you come to visit. It helps when you don't have to search through tens to hundreds of graves before finding the grave you are looking for. The monument's upright posture gives it a clear advantage over monuments lying flat or close to the ground. Moreover, the shiny granite does a great job of reflecting light and making sure the monument is visible from a distance. Both attributes come in handy for elderly visitors who can use a little help locating their loved one's resting place. 

Cost Effectiveness

A cost-effective grave monument is everything you need, considering it sits the whole time outdoors. Ideally, granite is a good choice because it requires less cleaning and restoration compared to other materials. A polished granite face is nearly self-cleaning as most dirt and grime can be removed by natural occurrences. This reduces the chances of staining and having to re-do the top surface for an appealing look. When installed in an upright position, the harsh elements fall on the monument at an angle, reducing their harmful impact. All these elements combine to make an upright granite grave monument one of the most judicious calls you can make in your loved one's memory. 

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