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Different Services Offered By Funeral Director

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Death will typically hit any family hard. As such, making funeral arrangements tends to be a tough task for the loved ones that have been left behind. The good news is that funeral directors try to make this transition easier for you by offering a range of services dependant on your needs. If you have never had to arrange a funeral before, chances are you may not know the logistics that go into it. Here are some of the different services offered by funeral directors when you opt to enlist their services.

Transfer of the deceased

Once you contact the funeral home, you have the option of leaving the transport requirements to them. This will typically involve the transfer of the body from where they died to the funeral home. This takes some of the burden off the family of the deceased, especially if the person died at a nursing home, in hospital, or even at home.

Personal care of the body

Another service that is offered by funeral directors is making the body of the deceased presentable. You could choose from numerous options when it comes to this. The most basic is ensuring that the body has been washed and embalmed. However, you could also opt for the funeral home to take charge of cosmetology for the deceased, dressing the body, hair styling and more. This is usually opted for during an open casket funeral.

Filing of paperwork

The death of a person does not occur without a mountain of paperwork that needs to be completed and filed. Funeral directors are adept at doing this for you since they know the logistics involved in completing this paperwork. Some of the paperwork that you may have to complete include burial permits, authorizations, completing the death certificate and more. In addition, some of these documents may need to be filed in several copies. Giving this responsibility to the funeral director ensures that you do not overlook anything in your bereaved state. You may also choose to leave the formulation of the obituary up to the funeral director if you do not feel up to composing one on your own.

Make burial arrangements

Another service offered by funeral directors is making the burial arrangements for you. This will typically involve contacting your preferred cemetery or crematorium. They will then inquire about any fees that will pertain to the burial and find out if there any requirements that need to be adhered to prior to the actual funeral. This greatly reduces the burden for you, as you do not have to expend extra energy trying to ensure that everything is in place while dealing with your grief.