Wading Through Grief to Plan Funerals: Tips and Coping Strategies

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Principal Cost Considerations When Planning a Funeral Service

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Having to deal with a death of someone close to you, be it family, a spouse or even a friend, can be a devastating time. However, despite being in mourning, you would still have to make proper funeral arrangements if you are to lay them to rest smoothly. If you have no experience in organising a funeral on your own or have never been a situation where you have lost a loved one, the entire process may seem daunting and confusing. Read on to know what the principal cost considerations you should have when planning a funeral service

Decide on burying or cremating

The first major decision that you would have to make is whether you would want your loved one to have a burial site or if you would prefer to have their body cremated. If the deceased had made their wishes clear in their last will, all you would have to do is give the funeral home the proper directions. However, if the decision is left up to you, it would be ideal to weigh the pros and cons of each option. For instance, although burials are the conventional way of doing things, cremations are steadily being sought after due to how economical they are. Moreover, with a cremation, every individual who had a personal connection with the deceased can get some of the ashes, leaving them with a piece of their loved one forever.

Deciding on the casket

If you settle on burying your loved one, the next step would be to whittle down your casket options. It should be noted that the coffin tends to take up the bulk of the cost when it comes to funeral arrangements. If your loved one had pre-planned their funeral and subsequently put a significant amount of money aside for the arrangements, you would find you have much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the casket. On the other hand, if you will be making the funeral arrangements on a modest budget, you may have to consult with the funeral home on which would be the more affordable options that they could provide. Hardwood caskets tend to be a popular choice, but you could also select steel, copper and even copper caskets.

Deciding on the venue

Another factor that would dictate the cost of the funeral arrangements would be the venue for the service. Some people that all funeral services must be carried out in a religious setting, but this is not set in stone. You may find that arranging to have people pay their last respects to the deceased right at the funeral home may be a more cost-efficient option for you. By opting for this, you eliminate additional transportation costs, which would have ended up inflating your budget.